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Energy Transition: INEGI joins Collaborative Laboratory for Green Hydrogen

25 November 2021
HyLab is a joint initiative of several public and private organizations in Portugal, which aims to bring academia closer to industrial ecosystems, with regard to the implementation of the green hydrogen economy, in order to accelerate the energy transition throughout the entire hydrogen value chain.

Promoted by EDP, REN, GALP, and BONDALTI, this Collaborative Laboratory has, on the academic side, the participation of INEGI, FEUP, IST, INESC TEC, CEiiA, LNEG, INL and ITQB NOVA.

Together, they aim to become a national and international reference, through the promotion of partnerships, new business models and new areas of Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) with the potential to create and export knowledge, technologies and services.

Intervention at different stages of the value chain includes INEGI's expertise

In the activity that HyLab proposes to develop, INEGI will contribute to the stages of production, transport & distribution, and respective end uses of hydrogen. The Institute's experience and expertise will be put into practice in challenges such as the development and optimization of electrolysis systems, the manufacture of suitable containers, namely through its competence in the field of composite materials, or the development of burners for industrial use powered by hydrogen, or to other mixtures, including natural gas, biogas and biomethane.

The objective is to implement industrial technologies that can expand Portuguese industrial capacity and feed future high technology exports.

The innovation agenda of HyLab – Collaborative Laboratory for Green Hydrogen is aligned with national and European priorities, namely the National Climate Energy Plan and the National Strategy for Hydrogen.
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