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INEGI joins the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

16 December 2020
INEGI is one of the institutions that integrates the newly created European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, an alliance whose mission is to promote the development and implementation of technologies for the production of green hydrogen, on a European scale.
Green hydrogen is the name given to hydrogen which is produced from renewable energy and with low carbon content, and is seen as an essential vector for achieving carbon neutrality in Europe. With this alliance, the European Commission is committed to "achieving global leadership in this field".
Portugal, too, with the approval of the National Hydrogen Strategy in July this year, follows the path outlined in Europe and will promote a set of public policies that mobilize public and private investment in projects in the areas of production, storage, transport and consumption and use of renewable gases in Portugal.
José Sampaio, responsible for the Innovation and Technology Transfer area at INEGI, explains that "this transformation brings a set of technological challenges across the hydrogen value chain, from production to consumer equipment, to which INEGI can give a very relevant contribution, from research to the industrialisation of solutions in the areas of materials, production technologies, technologies for storage and distribution and technologies for burning. ”
In line with the national and European strategy, INEGI has been supporting the development and application of technologies for the direct integration of renewable energies, as well as the development of technologies for the entire green hydrogen value chain.
"We joined this alliance to be an active part of the scientific and technological community that will lead this change", concluded José Sampaio.
This alliance brings together actors from industry, the Research & Development system, national and local public entities, civil society and other stakeholders.