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INEGI pioneers standardized ballistic resistance tests

15 July 2021
INEGI, in collaboration with an international company, is developing an unprecedented project at national level that aims to test the ballistic resistance of bulletproof glass frames through standardized tests. The objective is to contribute to the internationalization of these products, whose export depends on adherence to pre-defined and standardized international criteria.

"Ballistic testing of glass is common in the automotive sector and in civil construction. For each application, a study must be carried out to verify whether the required level of protection is achieved by the proposed solutions", says Nuno Viriato, responsible for the project at INEGI.

The inherent complexity of high-speed impact study, however, makes it difficult for manufacturers to meet the requirements imposed by the standards. This company, however, now has INEGI as a partner, which has equipment and experience in the application of experimental techniques in ballistic studies, based on high-speed signal and image recording.

Using partnerships with experts in ballistics, INEGI's team planned and carried out the tests, considering parameters such as angle of incidence, projectile speed, ammunition, the firing point itself, the positioning and sequence of the shots. The depth of the drilling, the record of the trajectory of the projectile and the shrapnel caused, are examples of some of the data collected.

As Nuno Viriato explains, the "evolution in the development of ballistic protections – from new constructive solutions, to new materials with high levels of protection – has to be simultaneously accompanied by the application of experimental techniques for the design and evaluation of the performance of these products, according to specific standards”.

These techniques are also being applied at INEGI, to respond to the demands of several sectors that employ energy absorption equipment and mechanisms.
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