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Motion capture technologies boost safety and efficiency in the industry

06 September 2022

INEGI's biomechanics team is transforming motion capture technologies into tools to support the creation of engineering solutions for  industry. The aim is to contribute to occupational health and well-being, and to make production systems more efficient and flexible.

"The potential is immense”, says Nilza Ramião, responsible for this area at INEGI. "Transposing the movement of a worker from the physical world to the digital world will, on the one hand, improve the definition of jobs, as well as aid the introduction of good practices that contribute to reduce risk of injury. On the other hand, these technologies allow us to detect inefficiencies and identify potential scenarios for collaborations between humans and robots”.

INEGI's multidisciplinary team brings together skills in the areas of product development, biomechanics, occupational health and safety and ergonomics. It is therefore able to meet emerging challenges, such as the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders and stress-related diseases.

Modeling biological processes is, therefore, of special importance. It allows a scientific and quantified approach to improving the various contexts of human activity. It is equally important in terms of product engineering, following the exponential increase in usability requirements and customization and reconfiguration resources, namely in capital goods.

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