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Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering for over 35 years

We convert knowledge into value in the industrial, economic, and social fields, bringing together experience in technological projects with national and international impact.

Key Numbers

- 2020 -
 Own Staf
240+ Own Staf
135 PhDs
10,4M€ Turnover
Innovation Projects with Industry
121 Innovation Projects with Industry
International Partners
200 International Partners
Spin-Offs in the market
6 Spin-Offs in the market
Patents (applications)
6 Patents (applications)
PhD Thesis per Researcher
1,3 PhD Thesis per Researcher
ISI Papers per Researcher
2,7 ISI Papers per Researcher

Creating Value


Sensorized isolators allow real-time management of the high voltage electrical network

Given the rapid modernization of electricity distribution networks, INDISOL is once again joining forces with INEGI...


Monitoring of Large Structures: how technology contributes to infrastructure longevity

Article by Nuno Felício, responsible for business development in the area of ​​advanced monitoring and...


FUCOLI-SOMEPAL teamed up with INEGI to innovate with a product to seal water distribution systems

With the specialized support of INEGI, the company FUCOLI-SOMEPAL has developed a new product to join multi-material...


Modularity: INEGI contributes to flexible processes and products in shipbuilding

Vanguard Marine turned to INEGI's specialized support to make its products and processes more flexible. In response...


Renewable Energy Communities: Will they have room to grow in Portugal?

The energy system as we know it is centralized and unidirectional, adapting supply to demand, where consumers are...


INEGI will contribute to making the Portuguese manufacturing industry more circular and sustainable

Promoted by the Portuguese cluster of Production Technologies PRODUTECH - Pole of Technologies of Production, the...


INEGI is looking for volunteers to study the reduction of energy consumption at home

INEGI is looking for 100 volunteer families to participate in a study that aims to assess the effectiveness of...


INEGI integrates network dedicated to Indoor Air Quality in Museums, Libraries and Archives

INEGI recently joined the Portuguese-Brazilian network "Indoor Air Quality in Museums, Libraries and Archives"...


Customer Satisfaction vs. Customer service: The (distinct) role of marketing and logistics


Glartek and INEGI together to create ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ platform and non-invasive sensors

The solution is based on 'Industrial Internet of Things' (IIoT) technology and aims to speed up industrial maintenance.


Composites production: how to automate without sacrificing high performance?

Article by Jhonny Rodrigues, researcher, and Luís Pina, coordinating researcher, both dedicated to Industry 4.0 at...


Bosch and University of Porto team up with INEGI to make cities safer with IoT (Internet of Things) technology

Investigate and develop an ecosystem of new complementary products and services, capable of contributing to the...


Giving new life to waste is the motto of the new project that brings together INEGI and BICAFÉ

With the specialized support of INEGI, BICAFÉ will create a new value-added product to reduce production costs and,...

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