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Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Nature and Purpose

INEGI – Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering is a Research and Technology Organisation (RTO), founded in 1986, focused on research and technology-based innovation activities, technology transfer, consulting and technological services, oriented to the development of industry and economy in general.
A non-profit, private and recognised as a public utility entity.

Mission and Vision

To contribute towards the development of industry and the economy in general, through scientific and technology-based innovation, while ensuring the personal
and professional development of employees and the enrichment of higher education.

To grow, to be the best at converting knowledge into value and to confirm our strong institutional identity as a technological partner for companies.
It has in its base a cluster of research units specialised by scientific and technological areas supporting the research activity. Crosswise there are the Innovation, Consulting and Services activities that address the development of solutions for companies.

INEGI is a member of LAETA - Associated Laboratory for Energy, Transports and Aeronautics, a unit of national dimension, which also includes the Institute of Mechanical Engineering - Instituto Superior Técnico (IDMEC - IST), of the Association for the Development of Aerodynamics Industrial (ADAI) of the University of Coimbra and the Aeronautics and Astronautics Research Group of the University of Beira Interior (AeroG).


More than 30 years of activity dedicated to the realization of research activities, innovation and technology transfer, scientific and technological consulting and services.

Founding of INEGI.
First ITT project, for MOLAFLEX.
Associate Fund constituted with 5 Associates.
INEGI recognized as a Public Utility Entity.
7 technology units constituted with PEDIP’s support.
1st Spin-Off: OPT - Optimização e Planeamento de Transportes, Lda.
Turnover exceeds 1 M€.
Move to new facilities (Leça do Balio).
2nd Spin-Off: ALTO - Perfis Pultrudidos, Lda
Surpasses 50 employees.
3rd Spin-Off: Mercatura -Tecnologias de Informação, Lda.
1st Operation of Associate Patrimony increase: 25 Associates.
Turnover exceeds 3 M€.
4th Spin-Off: Protoclick - Tecnologia de Componentes para Moldes, Lda.
5th Spin-Off: SRE - Soluções Racionais de Energia, Lda.
6th Spin-Off: Clever Reinforcement Iberica, Lda.
Joins LAETA - Associated Laboratory for Energy, Transports and Aeronautics.
7th Spin-Off: HPS - High Performance Structures, Portugal, Lda.
2nd Operation of Associate Patrimony increase : 62 Associates.
Move to new facilities at FEUP’s Campus.
Turnover exceeds 5 M€.
8th Spin-Off: PETsys - Medical PET Imaging Systems, S.A.
9th Spin-Off: Prewind, Lda.
1st branch created, iNEGi Turkey Renewables.
Surpasses 100 employees
Turnouver exceeds 7 M€.
3rd Operation of Associate Patrimony increase: 94 Associates
Integration of INEGI and FEUP’s IDMEC. The designation is changed to INEGI - Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.
Turnouver exceeds 8 M€.
Recognized as CIT – Centro de Interface Tecnológico.
IN Conference INEGI (biannual).
Surpasses 170 employees
Turnouver exceeds 11 M€.
Creation of INEGI Alentejo, with UÉvora
INEGI Services receive ISO 9001 certification.
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