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Efficient and sustainable energy model for wastewater treatment plants in Northern Portugal and Galicia

01 July 2022
Coordination of the pilot project in wastewater treatment plants managed by Águas do Porto, identification of waste and opportunities for improvement in terms of energy consumption and carbon footprint, and dimensioning of self-consumption solutions, namely photovoltaic.

Project of digitization solutions and intelligent management systems to optimize, monitor and flexibilization of energy consumption of WWTP equipment.

Support in the drawing of energy optimization through the flexibility of consumption which, based on previous pilot projects, can translate into energy savings of around 20 to 25%, with potential cost savings of up to 3.5 million euros, and up to 12,500 tons less greenhouse gases per year.


Augas de Galicia; Instituto Enerxético de Galicia (INEGA); Fundación Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia (ITG); Águas do Municipio do Porto.


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