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Assessing product smoke emissions helps construction and furniture sectors choose safer materials

05 May 2021


smoke density chamber is the latest addition to the equipment portfolio of INEGI's Smoke and Fire Laboratory, allowing the measurement of the optical density of the smoke generated by solid materials exposed to a source of radiant heat.

With a small sample of up to 25 mm thick, exposed to a heat source for at least 10 minutes, this equipment allows you to evaluate the smoke produced with photometric equipment.

This test makes it possible to compare the behavior of different materials in reaction to fire and contributes to the development of fire safety solutions.

Construction materials and materials that make up furniture can, in case of fire, emit smoke more or less intensely. In these situations, smoke represents one of the greatest threats to the occupants of a building or other space, such as a ship or train, as it can be inhaled and affects visibility.

Knowing the reaction of materials is, therefore, relevant information for companies in the construction, furniture, automobile and transport sectors, who can thus make informed decisions, and choose materials with low smoke generation potential or optimize them in favor safety and health.

INEGI's Smoke and Fire Laboratory is qualified to carry out a set of services, including reaction to fire tests, which allow the classification of materials used in civil construction, transport and in the furniture and decoration sectors.

ISO 5659-2 Determination of optical density by a single chamber test

ASTM E662 Standard test method for specific optical density of smoke generated by solid materials

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