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Biosensors: INEGI outlines technological roadmap for European Defense Agency

18 October 2023
Responding to a need identified by the European Defense Agency, INEGI is designing a technological roadmap for the development and application of biosensors in the defense sector.

Biosensors are devices that analyze biological data and convert them into measurable signals, allowing the detection, quantification and monitoring of diseases or the presence of pathogenic microorganisms. "This involves, for example, detecting blood glucose with an electrochemical biosensor”, explains Cláudio Santos, responsible for the project at INEGI.

However, biosensors are not just limited to the medical field. "They can also impact other areas of knowledge and result in advanced technologies with applications in various sectors, including defense and security", he highlights.

Monitoring the performance and health status of military personnel during operations, or detecting chemical or biological agents are some of the possible applications.

The challenge launched by the European Defense Agency was accepted by INEGI, in partnership with the Spanish research center AITEX and the Italian University of Rome Tor Vergata.

The objective of the partnership is to outline a technological roadmap to identify opportunities for use in new military systems, and map gaps between existing technology and identified applications.

Remember that INEGI represents Portugal and is the rapporteur for the civil sector of the CAPTECH group (Capability Technology Areas for Materials and Structures) of the European Defense Agency. Since 2010, he has participated in the design of research and development roadmaps that promote the development of technological solutions of interest in the area of materials and structures for defense in the European Union. More recently, he also began to collaborate in the area of EDA components, which this project is part of.

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