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20 January 2021
Today INEGI celebrates its 35th anniversary.

Officially constituted on January 20th 1986, INEGI is now an institution of reference in the national innovation and research panorama, in the field of science and innovation in mechanical and industrial engineering. Since its foundation, the Institute has established itself as an active agent of the national R&D system and a technological partner of excellence for the industry.

"The balance is very positive and we celebrate this anniversary with pride and a sense of mission accomplished”, says the president of the Board of Directors of INEGI, Alcibíades Paulo Guedes. "In 35 years we have grown, embraced new areas of intervention, and we have taken on the companies' innovation challenges without hesitation. We helped and were actors of great changes in the business fabric, at national and international levels”.

"Over 35 years, INEGI has been able to reinvent itself, always with a focus on technology-based innovation, and always at the service of the development of industry and the economy in general”, he stresses.

Celebrating this milestone is also recognizing the people who "make” INEGI. To its founders and associates, employees, customers, partners, financiers, and all those who contributed to the Institution's progress and affirmation - the Board of Directors thanks them for their trust.

During these unprecedented times, and with eyes on the challenges of today and tomorrow, INEGI reaffirms its commitment to its stakeholders, and will continue to drive innovation, development and competitiveness in the national and international industry.
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