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Digital platform will support the fight against energy inefficiency in homes

31 October 2023
The recent rise in energy prices has affected millions of Europeans, leading to widespread energy poverty reaching levels never seen before. To counter this trend, a new European project is being created with the aim of facilitating the renovation of buildings to increase energy efficiency, and INEGI is one of the partner entities.

It's called HORIS and its ambition is to create a digital platform that simplifies the home renovation process. After all, renovating residential buildings and installing energy efficiency measures can help consumers save energy – as well as Europe achieve its sustainability goals and reduce CO2 emissions.

The project will be developed in three countries – Italy, Spain and Portugal – and has 10 organizations, which will work together, until 2026, to help owners make decisions on how to improve energy efficiency, gather information in one place relevant and credible, and create a network of professionals and service providers.

INEGI's team, which has been working to promote the decarbonization of both production processes and the built environment, will contribute to the design of renovation packages by residential type.

Cátia Sofia Costa, responsible for the project at INEGI, explains that the team will "identify the best technical solutions in terms of insulation, heating, lighting and much more, as well as calculate and optimize the cost and benefit taking into account the reality of each country , so that owners can be sure they are making the right choice for their properties.”

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