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INEGI and Lusíadas Saúde together, for more energy efficiency in the group's hospital units

15 June 2021
INEGI, in partnership with the consultant Positive Benefits, is working with Lusíadas Saúde to define strategies for the energy and environmental sustainability of its hospitals.

In the words of Ana Magalhães, responsible for the project at INEGI, "the hospital sector, given the specificity and diversity of its activity, is a sector that typically consumes a lot of energy". Consequently, "energy costs have a significant weight in the structure of operating costs of the units”.

Equally important, shw adds, is the environmental impact of this activity, since "as a result of the energy consumption associated with its operation, these infrastructures are responsible for high rates of indirect emissions of greenhouse gases".

In line with this paradigm and with a focus on energy management, Lusíadas Saúde teamed up with INEGI to identify measures to promote the aggregate efficiency of resources and the reduction of waste, with a main focus on the management of water and energy consumption.

Reduce energy consumption in favor of hospital sustainability

With the aim of reducing energy consumption in favor of sustainability in hospitals, it is estimated that the action plan developed may lead to a decrease of an average of 20 to 30% in primary energy consumption in each of the hospital units covered. .

The plan is based on the performance of energy audits at five hospital units (Porto, Braga, Lisbon, Amadora and Sacavém) and technical and economic feasibility studies.

In addition to helping to eliminate inefficiencies from the point of view of energy performance, the solutions to be implemented also provide for the integration of renewable energies and the promotion of thermal comfort. The plan also encompasses short and long-term measures, also favoring actions that translate into a cost reduction equivalent to the investment.
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