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INEGI contributes to making agricultural pest control more accurate and intelligent

10 May 2022
INEGI is one of the partners that is contributing to the development of an intelligent precision spraying solution for plant protection products, for pest control in agricultural crops.

The agriculture sector is increasingly technological, and this solution arises from the growing demand for tools that allow optimizing the use of resources. The use of phytopharmaceuticals impacts not only production costs, but also the environment. That is why the application of defensive products only in infected areas, and an appropriate application for each crop, taking into account its state and location, is a priority for companies in the sector.

The technology consists of a jet sprayer, with an innovative air acquisition and distribution system, incorporating and combining the advantages of pneumatic spraying in a new semi-hybrid platform. This means that one will be able to efficiently apply lower spray volumes and doses of plant protection products.

To this end, INEGI's team is working on the development of the CFD model to evaluate and validate different spraying concepts, and will carry out laboratory tests in the area of ​​aerodynamic studies.

Thanks to this work, TOMIX, the agricultural and industrial equipment company and leader of the project, will be able to meet the demand for more effective actions for the biological control of diseases and conditions in the ranks of great national representation such as pome fruit, stone fruit, olive groves , almond and citrus.

The SPIN project - Intelligent Precision Spraying Solution is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, under the Compete 2020 and Portugal 2020 programs.
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