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INEGI contributes to the development of a sculpture at the Serralves Museum

27 December 2022
Until May 2023, the exhibition by the artist Vera Mota, entitled SEM CORPO / DISEMBODIED, is on display at the Contemporary Gallery of the Serralves Museum, which includes a bronze sculpture that INEGI helped develop - a "head without a body" - and 17 double sheet drawings, inspired by the human body.

"We supported the identification of means of production and technologies for the development of the sculpture, and produced the full-scale mold that was later cast at an industrial partner of INEGI", explains Domingos Moreira, responsible for the project at INEGI.

As part of the Contemporary Projects Programme, promoted by the Serralves Museum for several years, this is the artist's first exhibition in a museum context. Vera Mota proposes "a permanent and tense dialogue between drawing and sculpture, in which the spectator is involved”.

"It was extremely important to be able to count on the knowledge and care of INEGI's specialized team, who promptly and generously accepted this challenge. As an artist, managing ideas and finding a way to materialize them is sometimes a difficult task, and finding institutions and people who contribute to this achievement is always very valuable”, she adds.

The artist from Porto, who adheres to minimalist principles, seeks to create new spaces in her works for objects and for the participation of the body, resorting mainly to sculpture, drawing and performance.

Produced by the Serralves Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art, in close collaboration with the artist, the exhibition is curated by Filipa Loureiro.

"At the Museum it is up to the curator to accompany the artist in his creative process, mediating his intentions and purposes, finding strategies and partners so that the almost impossible becomes possible. The contact with INEGI arose from this need, we intended to produce a bronze sculpture, but to reach this end it would be necessary to conceive its prototype. INEGI immediately joined this challenge. Cabeça sem corpo by Vera Mota is the result of a work process in which art, science and innovation came together with a same purpose, to make way for the artist's work”, says Filipa Loureiro.

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