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INEGI helped Cortadoria Nacional de Pêlo transform wasted resources into a new product

20 April 2022
Cortadoria Nacional de Pêlo is preparing the launch of a new product - rabbit leather - whose production was made possible with INEGI's specialized support.

The company, specialized in the preparation of textile fibers, has as one of its core activities the extraction of rabbit fur. This process, however, damaged the animal's skin, resulting in a significant waste of this resource. To solve this problem, they counted on INEGI's technical support, whose team conceived and built a production process to obtain the hair without damaging the skin.

Domingos Moreira, responsible for the business development of the product development area at INEGI, says that "we support all stages of development, from diagnosis of the current state, development of solutions for separating hair and skin, and the laboratory system of validation of concepts, and design and prototyping of the new system”.

The result is the use of a valuable raw material, which will give rise to a sustainable material that is an alternative to traditional leather, and which can be used in small leather goods, watchmaking and also in fashion.

"It's a complete use by of  all fur and leather - it's all added value", revealed Nuno Oliveira Figueiredo, administrator of the Cortadoria Nacional de Fur, to Jornal Têxtil. "We thought we had to take the next step, which was to tan the leather, and we are using the most innovative, most sustainable and ecologically cleanest processes," he added.

INEGI has worked with Cortadoria in the development of new and improved processes and products, translating the empirical and technical knowledge that its teams have into value.

Photo © Cortadoria Nacional de Pêlo

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