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INEGI helps APDL anticipate structural damage to the Leixões mobile bridge

15 February 2021
With the specialised support of INEGI, APDL (Port Administration of Douro, Leixões and Viana do Castelo) will instal, on the the Leixões Mobile Bridge, sensors that will remotely assess the integrity of the structure. The goal is to anticipate breakdowns and plan maintenance interventions.

Following the recent failures in the bridge's system, which connects Leça da Palmeira to Matosinhos, APDL promoted the creation of a task force led by INEGI.

This group is in charge of diagnosing the cause of premature malfunctions, eventual repairs and, on the other hand, the implementation of "a system that allows us to anticipate the replacement of components through alerts and, to that extent, planned maintenance without the damage that results of unpredictability and corrective actions in emergency situations”,  APDL said in a statement.

Mário Vaz, responsible for the project at INEGI, says that the team will "identify the critical points to build a monitoring system that can anticipate future failures early".

INEGI's work now focuses on digital modeling of the bridge, which will allow its subsequent sensing. "At this moment, the INEGI team already has a three-dimensional model of the structure made in CAD, and is working on a numerical model of finite elements that will allow us to simulate its operation", explains Mário Vaz. "This model will be fundamental to identify the influence of the various parameters acting on the elements that have been subject to the verified temporary damage”.

The task force is also composed by Mota Engil, responsible for the contract, by Schaeffler, which carried out the production of its components, by Eurocrane, which has been maintaining those components in their preventive and corrective aspects and, finally, by Hansa-flex, which is in charge of maintaining the drive system for that infrastructure.