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INEGI joins the European Steel Technological Platform and strengthens its bonds to the European metallurgical industry

02 September 2021
INEGI is the latest partner of the European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP), an association that brings together the main stakeholders of the European metallurgical and steel industry, such as companies, public bodies, and research entities and innovation.

INEGI has worked, since its foundation, to develop integrated technological responses to the needs of the metallurgical industry. By integrating this platform, it strengthens its connection with European industry, in line with the Institute's trajectory of internationalization.

With more than 50 members, the association aims to contribute to a better articulation between the research priorities of the European Union and the needs of the industry, with a view to the sustainability of the sector.

ESTEP is one of the European Technology Platforms, which aim to develop strategies for areas in which future growth, competitiveness and sustainability depend on decisive technological advances.
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