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INEGI participates in a project to accelerate decarbonisation and combat energy poverty in the city of Porto

02 April 2021
It is a "living laboratory" where innovative services and technologies will be tested, to accelerate the race towards the goal of energy sustainability in the city of Porto. The "Asprela + Sustentável" project is committed to creating the foundations for the creation og the region's first renewable energy community, helping to mitigate climate change and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, as stipulated by the European Union.

Over the next three years, the consortium responsible for this project will work on several fronts, namely in promoting sustainable electric mobility, in encouraging the consumption of clean energy, in the transition to a circular economy model, and in combating energy poverty. It is in this line focused on the vulnerability of the population integrated in the city's social housing program that INEGI will play a leading role.

"It is urgent to assess the real size of the population living in a situation of energy poverty, since these numbers are currently not known. To do this, we will develop a pilot project to map its prevalence in the context of social housing in Porto. We will carry out surveys, monitor housing and analyze results, so that we can then support the identification of mitigation measures and assess the impact of their implementation”, explains Ricardo Barbosa, responsible for the project at INEGI.

A year will be dedicated to measurements and data collection, so that it becomes possible to identify the needs and consumption patterns of the houses, the quality of their indoor air, as well as the thermal comfort, during the hot and cold seasons.

After this analysis, the INEGI team will be in a position to characterize factors such as the "type aggregate" in terms of vulnerability to energy poverty and temperature changes in each season, the picture of related health problems, or the needs for action at the level socioeconomic and built environment.

The "Asprela + Sustentável" project is part of the "Environment, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy" program, promoted by EEA Grants, and is conducted by a consortium led by Coopérnico - Cooperativa de Desenvolvimento Sustentável C.R.L. Technical coordination is the responsibility of AdEPorto - Porto Energy Agency, in close collaboration with the Municipality of Porto and other partners, including, in addition to INEGI, the Porto Digital Association, Porto Ambiente and Águas e Águas do Porto municipal companies. , EFACEC Electric Mobility, EFACEC Energia, INESC-TEC, VPS, EVIO, the Academic Federation of Porto and International Development Norway.

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