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INEGI promotes seminar on Machining Trends and Challenges

06 June 2022
INEGI, in partnership with the Portuguese Society of Materials, promotes the seminar Trends and Challenges in Machining on the 27th of June.

The event will be in person and will take place at INEGI, and will also be broadcast live. Participation is free, upon registration, HERE.

The initiative aims to stimulate discussion on the evolution of machining processes, technological trends and new challenges that are imposed, namely in the mold industry. It is carried out within the scope of the MAMTool - Machinability of components produced by additive manufacturing project for the mold industry, to mark its closure.

"Understanding the mechanical phenomena arising from the machining processes has never been so urgent" says Abílio Jesus, responsible for the project at INEGI. "We are seeing the rapid acceleration of advanced manufacturing technologies such as additive manufacturing, and professionals should be familiar with the science behind finishing 3D-manufactured components."
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