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INEGI’s engineers publish technical book on the next generation of hybrid additive manufacturing technologies

21 May 2020
The book "Additive Manufacturing Hybrid Processes for Composites Systems", published by António Torres Marques, Sílvia Esteves, João Paulo Pereira and Luís Oliveira, researchers and engineers at INEGI, is now available.

The technical book focuses on the latest advances in creating the next generation of technologies for additive manufacturing and their applications. It focuses particularly on a hybrid and integrated technology, developed in part by INEGI, which combines additive and subtractive operations in a single stage platform.

The work covers the entire value chain of this technology, developed within the scope of the FIBR3D project, "from the design and the composition of the materials to the stages of transformation, product evaluation and end of life studies”, says António Torres Marques, researcher and project coordinator.

It also contains a wide range of case studies and practical examples, "based on INEGIs experience in the design of processes and systems for hybrid additive manufacturing with composite materials, including constitutive models for predicting the behavior of materials and establishing criteria for component sizing”, he adds.

For António Torres Marques, the book is a useful tool for all engineering professionals who deal with issues related to additive manufacturing processes and the development of high performance, low weight and multifunctional products.

"Additive manufacturing opens up a range of opportunities and immediate responses to major challenges in the industry, particularly with regard to accelerating product development and prototyping" he says. "The hybrid process, in particular, promises to have an impact because it broadens the application perspective, combining additive manufacturing with a complementary finishing process, reducing the time-to-market”.

The work also had the collaboration of specialists from CENIMAT / I3N and UNIDEMI - Faculty of Science and Technology, Universidade Nova de Lisboa; IDMEC - from the Instituto Superior Técnico of the University of Lisbon; Department of Physics and I3N - University of Aveiro; ALGORITMI and IPC - University of Minho and Porto Higher Engineering Institute.

Find out how to obtain this book, HERE.
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