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Prototype of «smart» agricultural sprayer created with INEGI's help successfully used in Alcobaça

14 October 2022
The first prototype of the intelligent precision agricultural sprayer, developed within the scope of the SPIN project, was successfully used in a pome fruit production, at the Vieira Natividade National Fruticulture Station, in Alcobaça.

The agriculture sector is increasingly technological, and this solution arises from the growing demand for tools that allow the optimization the use of resources. It is a solution that is able to distribute plant protection products, for the control of pests in agricultural crops, in a more efficient and economical way. 

The innovative typology of this equipment is possible thanks too to INEGI's contribution, which carried out laboratory tests in the area of ​​aerodynamic studies.

The sprayer is in the improvement phase and should be tested in an operational environment in the next fruit growing season.

The SPIN project - Smart Precision Spraying Solution is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, under the Compete 2020 and Portugal 2020 programs.

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