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Participation in 23 mobilizing agendas funded by the RRP

01 November 2022
INEGI’s contribution to 23 mobilizing agendas for reindustrialization and business innovation, financed by the recovery and resilience plan (PRR), focuses on two emerging and strategic themes for the country and for Europe, namely ecological transition and digital transformation. Within this participation, the focus is on priority areas with a high economic impact, such as:

Transport | 6 Agendas
Development of innovative product and process concepts for the next generation of vehicles in all areas of mobility (light, urban, rail and air).

Industry | 5 Agendas
Technological advances in terms of decarbonisation and digitization of industry in important national sectors such as ceramics and glassware, textiles, packaging plastics
and production technologies.

Energy | 4 Agendas
Supporting energy transition through the efficient and symbiotic use of energy, the adoption of renewable energy sources (particularly hydrogen) and the development of
new engineering solutions for energy storage (i.e. batteries).

It is also worth highlighting INEGI’s participation in agendas for smaller markets, but with high added value, such as technologies for space and health, as well as its transversal support in the area of sustainability and circularity in other agendas, from which we expect a relevant impact on achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.
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