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Sensing helps health care go further

19 October 2022
Telemedicine and remote healthcare have gained new relevance in recent years, so equipping healthcare professionals and patients with medical devices that enable effective communication is essential. To meet this need, INEGI joined a consortium that developed a portable health device with medical biosensorization equipment to collect biometric data.

It facilitates reliable diagnosis at a distance, as it uses biosensors connected to a computer application in real time, allowing the collection, storage and analysis of data such as temperature, oximetry or blood pressure.

The "interface solutions, product engineering and sensor integration were developed by INEGI's team of specialists. The first prototypes were also created at the Institute, using 3D modeling and printing", says Carlos Carneiro, technical manager for the project at INEGI.

The use of these tools allowed "several iterations to be carried out in three-dimensional modeling, thus improving the geometric concept and optimizing the equipment. All this in an agile way, with the product development phase being considerably faster than with traditional tools", he adds.

In addition to this equipment, the project included the development of an application for mobile devices for the patient, and a web portal for the clinical staff to access the data recorded by the patients as well as for the teleconsultation itself. The next steps involve validating the concept and business model, using pilot tests, and looking for a partner for the industrialization of the product.

The IDocStation project – Portable and Smart Health Device for Telemedicine is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund North 2020 and Lisbon 2020, as part of the COMPETE 2020 program.

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