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The vehicle of the future will be modular and is being created in Portugal with INEGI's help

24 February 2021
INEGI is collaborating in the creation of a new concept of modular air transport, as part of a project that aims to mobilize the national aeronautical industry to disrupt the urban transport of the future.

FLY.PT is the name of the project that started at the end of last year and, as explained by Rui Mendes, responsible for the project at INEGI, aims to "create the technological and knowledge base necessary to address the ongoing revolution in air transport, in terms of use and multimodality concepts, as well as technologies”.

The car that exchanges the road for the sky has long lived in our collective imagination, and it is a concept that will now be closer to becoming reality, and with Portuguese DNA. The goal is to build the prototype of this modular transport system. It will consist of a skate and a drone, both autonomous, and a cabin that can be attached to each vehicle, creating an intermodal system.

During the project, technologies related to the electrification of aircraft, autonomous systems, and new materials and processes will be explored, since these are the technological challenges of the disruption expected in this sector.

Led by Caetano Aeronautic, the project counts with the participation of INEGI, which will include the development of components in composite materials, namely for integration in drone propulsion solutions, structural solutions in the cabin, and coupling systems.

The Institute's team will also develop structural and multifunctional batteries, capable of withstanding requests and store electrochemical energy, and will also participate in the construction of the scale vehicle prototype through the manufacture of some components.

In addition to INEGI, the project also has AED Portugal (Portuguese Cluster for Aeronautics, Space and Defense Industries), SETSA, Optimal Structural Solutions, CONTROLAR, Almadesign, TEKEVER II, CEIIA, ISQ, INESC TEC, IPL, ISEP, PIEP, EMPORDEF, University of Évora, CODI, FHP and Critical Materials.

The project "FLY.PT - Mobilize the national aeronautical industry to disrupt the future urban air transport" is part of the mobilization programs, which aim to promote the growth of knowledge-intensive economic activities and the creation of value based on innovation. This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), through Portugal 2020.
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