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Our programs are designed based on our values.
CUSTOMER ORIENTATION with a focus on customized programs.  

We position ourselves as a technological partner, being essentially focused on customized programs, created in collaboration with companies. Typically we are based on the challenges and the resolution of the problems of the company itself and, in some cases, the training triggers consulting or technology transfer projects.

RESPONSIBILITY that drives us to present open programs.

Our mission is to contribute to the development of industry and the economy in general, through scientific and technological-based innovation, so we launch open programs with strategic themes or at the request of several companies or participants.


Relevant topics for the present and future of companies in areas of expertise and excellence of INEGI such as Energy and Environment, Industry 4.0, and Management and Industrial Engineering.

AMBITION in the impact we want to achieve.

Our solutions are typically hands-on. We use laboratories, mini-factories, factories and organizations of our partners or customers.

COOPERATION in the construction of the best learning solution.

For each of the specific themes and projects we identify the most appropriate specialists, using both our collaborators, professors of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), or a set of external specialists. We easily cooperate with our partners in search of the best learning solution. We are part of the University of Porto, owned by more than 85 business associates, and we are part of an international network of technological partners.


"I am in the maintenance area and wanted to understand how my company could position itself in the face of the development of [Hydrogen Economy and Technologies]. It was a very interesting and diversified program, in the themes and angles of approach, very enriched by the high level of the trainers. INEGI is to be congratulated".
Ricardo Silva
“The [Advanced Program in Industry 4.0], in addition to providing us with an overview of the technologies involved, also presents us with a set of management techniques that could be very useful in projects related to Industry 4.0. Due to the quality of the contents, as well as the quality of those who teach them, I recommend this program to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge”.
Luís Belinha Reis
ADIRA Metal Forming Solutions
"[The Hydrogen Economy and Technologies Program] lived up to and exceeded expectations. It provided new ideas and opportunities to implement and leverage business segments within the sustainability strategy".
Pedro Silvestre Pereira
Capwatt - Grupo Soane
“In the [Advanced Program in Industry 4.0], face-to-face visits and brainstorming, with companies that are already at a very high stage of technological development compared to the national average, not only demonstrated that the path is possible and frankly advantageous for the various business activity stakeholders, but they also give us a practical and realistic view of the implementation of concepts that, when discussed in theoretical terms, can be confused with pure science fiction”.
Luís Rosas
"Professionals who want to deepen their knowledge of H2 will find [Hydrogen Technologies and Economy Advanced Training] an excellent opportunity to do so and a group of teachers with extensive experience in the sector in general, and on the subject in particular.”
Nuno Fidalgo Martins
"The excellence of the contents taught in [Hydrogen Technologies and Economy Advanced Training], the teachers, and the contacts established in the first edition, now lead us to also support the 2nd edition of the course."
Isabel Maia e Silva
"In [Advanced Program in Industry 4.0] I was given tools, through practical cases, to prepare OLI for the 4th industrial revolution that we are experiencing".
Mariana Raposo Oliveira
"[Advanced Training in Electro-Hydraulic Control Technologies] very useful for those who are not in the mechanical area and need knowledge of hydraulics."
Vitorino Faria
"[Hydrogen Technologies and Economy Advanced Training] was quite complete and coherent. Excellent initiative by INEGI in promoting and disseminating its know-how in this matter”.
Pedro Gil Ribeiro
"[Advanced Training in Electro-Hydraulic Control Technologies] very sophisticated, extremely explicit and strongly recommended."
Roberto Duarte
"What I valued most in this training course [Analysis of Lubricants in Mechanical Transmissions] was the global approach to the themes and the practical examples".
Carla Gaspar
Galp Energia
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