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Vice-President of INEGI and Professor at FEUP distinguished with the SPFIE Career Award

06 April 2022
SPFIE – Portuguese Structural Integrity Society, recently distinguished Pedro Camanho, researcher and vice-president of INEGI and Full Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), with the "Career Award".

"I am very touched by this recognition. I was fortunate to have had my career in good company: the Professors who aroused my interest in Fracture Mechanics (Prof. Paulo Tavares de Castro), as well as its application to composite materials ( Profs. António Torres Marques and Frank Matthews), and the students and colleagues with whom I have been collaborating over the years”, says the vice-president of INEGI.

This award is intended for those who stand out in the field of creating knowledge about structural integrity, and who thus contribute to improving the safety and performance of equipment and structures.

"I think that Fracture Mechanics will be of interest to the scientific community for a few more decades, and I hope that the scientific contributions that justified this distinction can serve as an inspiration for the new generations of researchers interested in the topic", adds Pedro Camanho.

The distinction comes as a result of a long research career, as the researcher's work is an international reference, namely in the study and simulation, at various temporal and spatial scales, of the deformation and fracture mechanisms of advanced composite materials.

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from FEUP (1995), Pedro Ponces Camanho received his PhD from the Department of Aeronautics of the prestigious Imperial College London (United Kingdom) in 1999. That same year he returned to Portugal to join the Department of Mechanical Engineering at FEUP and to assume the position of director of the Structural Integrity Unit at INEGI. Today he is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, since 2014, President of the Associated Laboratory of Energy, Transport and Aerospace (LAETA) and Vice-President of INEGI.

He is also a member of the Council of the European Society for Composite Materials (ESCM). More recently, he was named a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and was, in 2020, Researcher of the Year at the University of Porto.
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